VSHR Social Research and Projects with RMIT University Student team

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

In our social research we found that, Vietnamese students often join different social projects. That is a good start but unfortunately almost all those social projects are very unsustainable. So in one side those social project's impacts does not stay in to the community on that other hand, it does not motivate the Vietnamese students to live with their passion to contribute in social projects as soon they graduated. One of the key reasons they stop social contribution because they see those social project does not bring them any skills and those impacts are unsustainable.

RMIT University Student team working on VSHR Project

So it's our pleasure to support RMIT University Vietnam student team for developing their projects for social impacts. The purpose of this RMIT University Vietnam student team's project is to create more social awareness among Vietnamese professionals to contribute in sustainable social impact projects which can create sustainable impacts to the community and bring also great skill set for Vietnamese professionals which help them to become more successful in their career. Duration of this project is 1 year.

We always love supporting students to develop their projects which can create positive social impacts. It's also the way we also pass our values, passion among students who can stay tuned to help people in the community.

Do you also need help? Contact us ! Also visit our people development framework here https://www.health-revolution.org/people-development.html

VSHR People Development

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