VSHR Success Factor organized Design Dashboard workshop to create data driven attitude

Often VSHR receives this question -

Why VSHR spend so much time to train the community people? Why don't see that as a misuse of resource?

VSHR is a social organization. And it's doing social development to share it's skills, resources, and passion so other people also get unskilled and take initiatives to develop the community.

The vision, goals VSHR does not want to achieve alone, VSHR wants to achieve those with everyone TOGETHER. That's why VSHR has established the VSHR PRO academy. The vision and mission of VSHR Pro Academy is to

Reach to a day when, every Vietnamese professionals feel, happy, safe at work, get necessary support to grow their career in industry and reach to their career success.

VSHR Success Factor is one of the initiative of VSHR Pro Academy. This success factor workshop series is providing different skill development workshops to equip Vietnamese professionals with necessary skillset for their career success. We are glad to inform you about our today's - Success Factor workshop was - "DASHBOARD DESIGN - Create a data Driving culture in yourself"

This workshop also provides a focus on using tool tips for Designing Dashboard, it useful for analyzing and managing data.

This success factor workshop also received amazing feedback from one attendees right after the workshop

To take part of the up coming success factor workshop please #register now

here: www.health-revolution.org/success-factor asap to ensure you have your slot!

You can also apply for Future C Level/Director/Manager people development scholarship program which is organized by VSHR PRO academy, here


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