VSHR Super hero team's new addition - Nguyên Hiêu Nghia

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

We really appreciate your great contribution in our VSHR - Genius Upskill Scholarship Program's first aid hero factory course ! Genius Upskill Program is something really empowering the social HEROS to help the Vietnamese community.

Your passion and time management skill is an example for Vietnamese medical student, to show them how you can work in a full time study load and also play an important role for a social organization.

We are glad to announce you as our regular member in our VSHR Super Hero team.

Congratulations! Your friends, family are proud of you! It's your journey starts from today to move to be next level of Social Hero!

If you don't know about Genius Upskill Scholarship Program, apply now here!


Wanna be a super hero? Join us now!


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