VSHR to make Vietnam Successful on United Nation SDG 3 (health), 4(Education) And 17 (Partnership)

Vietnam's first ever international design summit 2019, which was organized Vietnam on 18th by Vietnam Design Association supported by consulate of Italy. Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR) also sponsored this summit and introduced VSHR to the international attendees. There was around 50 international design associations which took part in this summit and shared about you the belief about design and how design is working to solve problems for humanity.

The venue of this event was the Reverie hotel Saigon's scala hall room.

Among different delegates Dr. Dante Brandi consulate General of Italy, Mr Steve Leung, IFA Presentments, team and also preventative from Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, USA etc. On this conference John Masud Parvez, Founder and President of VSHR also spoke and he was highlighting how and what positive impacts VSHR is making for the Vietnamese community to solve the problems of Vietnamese people.

During the presentation John Masud Parvez showed who a 4 years social research turn in to a social organization which is working to to solve the problems, issues identified during that research on health eco system.

Then he also explained the vision and mission of VSHR, which is working to make Vietnam Successful to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) - 3 (Health), 4 (Education) and 17 (Partnership for goals). Here John mentioned -

17 SDG are the blue print given by United Nations to solve all the problems of humanity by 2030. We VSHR focus on 3 of them and everything we do to make Vietnam successful on those 3 SDG.

Then John mentioned about the existing operational models for non profit organization and then he presented the new non profit model which has been established named - Social Revolution model. Then John also showed the effectiveness and impacts created by this operating model as following

And then John also demonstrated how VSHR supported 150,000 Vietnamese people on 2018. On 2018 VSHR members completed 105,000 micro task to create that sustainable positive impacts for Vietnamese people.

Then John also mentioned about VSHR people development program and how VSHR is making great impacts to create more social champions who will be always more and more Vietnamese people, whenever, where ever any

Vietnamese people need help.

Then John highlighted about the positive impacts of Genius Upskill scholarship Program and Vietnamese Amazing student contest. Also invited the different university delegates to connect with the global internship program which is named - Impact Sharpers. Though this program international students come to Vietnam and work in social impact projects for 6 - 12+ weeks and can go back to their home countries with social impact experience which can be very helpful for their future development. Last year VSHR took some great interns though this program and will be taking on 2019 as well

Program Details is here - https://www.health-revolution.org/impact-shapers.html

Then John invited everyone to join or part of VSHR for helping the Vietnamese people. John also explained someone can be part of VSHR in individual level by being a member of VSHR or someone also can connect to VSHR as organization level, and work together on different program initiatives of VSHR.

Then john finished his speech with by this last statement and leave the stage with a big round applause from the audiences -

After being in social development for 6 years, I realized this - If we courageous enough to do things for community, the that always come back to us and make us better ! So Let's do Social work together and help people.

The different key parts and also whole speech can be also found in VSHR youtube channel and also in VSHR FB page. Here is the first part where John explained about creation of VSHR.

To know more John Masud Parvez, Please visit here


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