VSHR White paper on lack of leadership mindset among Vietnamese industry managers

There is a common concern in Vietnamese industries that there is a lack of leader. It's too much people who wants to be in a manager role so we decided on focus on to find out how they becoming a manager. A manager role actually a leadership role, and how companies, employees actually perceive the management role the researchers wanted to know that.

So first quarter of 2019, VSHR social researcher team decided to start a research to figure out how the industry is developing the leaders.

It was so interesting and also concerning at the same time where 80% people actually said they are becoming a manager by changing their job though a recruitment process.

Then we asked around 100 manager across industry and asked them -

"for who are you working first everyday in your company?

80% of those managers replied that they are working for their -

  • Supervisor

  • Company

  • Customer.

Then if the managers are working for the them, then the question raise that

Where are the leaders?

Are a true leader really work for that ? John Masud Parvez shared more about this concern.

More bullets on this research will be shared.

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