We see the future in the Genius Upskill Program's Trainees

What was the purpose of the Genius Upskill Program? Why did we really decided to spend so much of our own effort to make a scholarship program for the students?

The answer of these questions are inside the way, we have designed the Genius Upskill program. This unique scholarship program has the following key segments:

1. Mentoring session

2. Research and Writing article

3. Community Service

4. Assessment and Quiz

So this scholarship program gives a really 360 degree views of the scholar to learn and gain practical knowledge by implementing that knowledge for the positive social impacts.

5th January 2019 is a remarkable day of history of Genius Upskill program. As on that day the Trainees from the 'First Hero Factory' went to an NGO and trained their community on first aid skills. So that NGO community members now will be able to take care of themselves, their families and also people around the community.

The amount of effort, dedication, passion the trainees showed on that community event that really gives us the believe that, we are really on the way to have more positive social impact maker, though this Genius Upskill program.

That is exactly the purpose of this Genius Upskill program. We also would like to thank for all those program team members, who brainstormed, worked days after days to design this Genius Upskill program and took this program so far, and now this scholarship is starting to deliver it's purpose.

We would like to say all the best for our all the trainees of Genius Upskill program, program team members. And If you were not selected for this scholarship program on 2018, or did not know, then let's apply for Genius Upskill program season 2019. Here Application is open now!

Here we would like to share you the photo photo album of this community service event.

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