Web Technology Workshop for VSHR members

John Masud Parvez Said - Our world has many problems. It's has hunger, ignorance, disease, calamity etc. Technology is our weapon to fight against them to make it a better world for everyone.

With that belief Vietnam Social Health Revolution constantly implementing different tools of information technology to utilize the advantages to expand the positive impacts of it's different projects for helping the Vietnamese people.

So VSHR also closely focuse on upskill it's social development mentor on the utilization of those different technology platforms.

A huge part of the Vietnamese community are using internet. So among different Information technology, web technology plays a crucial role for VSHR initiatives because that is a very important channel to bring the support for the Vietnamese community. John Masud Parvez, run this workshop to provide a on hard training workshop on weebly and wix web platform, so the VSHR social development team make the best of use of these two technology for their social development (SDG) initiatives. Have a look to know other people development program in VSHR here


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