Week 1 of June, 2022 - Vietnam Job Market Update | RPO by VSHR Pro Academy

In this new month, the number of vacancies in the technology industry still holds the highest position. However, the Finance, Construction and F&B industries tend to reduce the number of applications in the coming time.

And what exactly is that? Let's learn and understand the labor market situation, thereby implementing appropriate recruitment strategies as well as making an effective job search plan.

Are you looking for a job? Are you seeking people for the important position? Riight now the market industry will help you know which industries you're gonna get the most number of competitors!

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The highest group in industries still is the technology industry which has at least more than 300 open positions. The second highest in the market is Banking, Retail and Finance.

As the highest group, while IT and Software have had an upward trend, the data of the Internet has a slight decline. IT has grown from 286 to 442 this week and Software has occupied 325 positions. However, the Internet has dropped from 431 to 389.

In the first week of June, the business has been seeking middle-seniors with 194 in IT, 159 in Software and 195 in Internet.

In this week, Finance has a downward trend, Insurance and Banking both have had stable change. The open positions of Finance has decreased from 186 to 144. Besides that, Insurance has still opened 52 positions and Banking has just grown 3 positions.

This week, they need more staff at the associate level.

Commercial real estate, construction and real estate have had dramatical changes this week. Real estate has had a sharp increase from 64 to 71 positions. However, Construction has suddenly dropped from 33 to 13 positions and Commercial Real Estate has had a slight decreased to 18 positions. This week, they focus on middle-seniors in three industries.

The F&B and food production industry has had a downward trend this week with a sharp reduction. Both industries has made out 51 open positions and they still focus on recruiting at the middle-senior level.

The last group has had different changes between Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Fashion and Retail. While Retail has climbed from 72 to 107 positions, Consumer Goods decreased 25 positions compared with last week and Fashion has occupied lower than 30 positions. And they need staff at Middle-senior level.


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