What Are 5 Common Pain Points Of A Sales Team?

The company's heart is the sales team, as they bring customers, earn income, address the complex needs of customers, and do everything with a smile on their face. Regardless of how incredible sales representatives are, they will always be some problems that prevent them from working as efficiently as possible. If continuous training, your workflow processes or your administration tools, each sales team addresses the challenges that seem impossible to overcome.

So, here are five paint points that must recognize and solve:

1. Spend too much time in the meeting room:

This is a very common complaint that many sales reps have - "I spend so much time attending meetings, I can't get any work done.". A survey showed that the average seller passes 6.4 hours of preparation and assisting internal meetings every week compared to almost all day of work! Whenever they spend away from their desk or their phone is the time they spend not sell and without adding value to the company. If too many meetings are scheduled in a salesperson’s diary, its performance is naturally suffering.

2. Have too much busywork:

According to a study by the CMO Council, 40% of a typical sales representative's time can be spent creating presentations, customizing messages, and preparing to interact with customers. In other words, sales are wasting too much time on management activities instead of doing what they do best-interacting with customers and completing sales! When salespeople have the right marketing materials at the right time, they will do what they do best and most effectively. They can quickly provide and send to potential customers in the "grab-and-go template".

3. Not align with marketing team:

The close integration of sales and marketing can have a major impact on the success of a company. Check out this study by MarketingProfs who emphasized that companies with consistent sales and marketing departments have a 38% increase in sales win-rate! Very often two departments work separately and are unwilling to share their goals and objectives. This can affect sales and marketing results.

4. Lack of sales training:

If a seller has not received adequate training, they will struggle to sell. Training can arrive in many ways, from cold calling best practice to close an agreement, product information, and prices. Ideally, sellers want to work for companies that give them the training resources they need as market environments change. However, a great commitment to companies that do not invest in training is to provide sales teams the technology already based on the "sales logic" of the purchase cycle and gives them what they need to involve the perspective in the cycle. This point of pain is particularly applicable to the new hires, which may not have the product or sales experience to work the best.

5. Low leads quality:

This is huge and probably the biggest obstacle sales teams complain about. If a sales team has a lack of potential qualified leaders, it will have difficulty selling. The potential qualified leaders are much more likely to be qualified buyers. If the sellers are constantly working with potential unqualified leaders, it makes the sale of a proposal much more difficult. This can cause nearby neighboring relationships and impact team trust.

The key to overcoming most of these common pain points is communication. Communication between your team and others. It adopts previous strategies and tries them. See what works for you. Monitor results and share any improvement suggestions. Overcoming pain points in sales is a constant challenge, but hopes that the previous advice will give you a good start to your head.

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