What does a performance and recognition driven culture look like? An example!

Let me start with the background, Our VSHR Social Academy Team just delivered a successful initiative for the community. And follow through of that success we also provided recognition gift to that participating members who drove the project to success. After that one of the project team member asked me

I am so happy that I have received the recognition gift. But how about another member named 'B'. Will she receive the gift too.

Following to that question, I took the opportunity to explain the performance driver recognition culture of our social organization. Then I started my response this way

Congratulation for your great effort. Thanks for mentioning about member 'B'. The gifts we are giving to our members actually for the VSHR members who are being dedicated and also very focus in their goals to achieve this project success.

I was actually so happy on back of my mind. Because as this member asked about another member, that show they 'care' about each other. That's exactly a team member should do for others. Then I mentioned how we are going to help member 'B' to achieve her goals -

'B' joined newly but until now she is not being committed to be part of that project, so at this stage she is not ready for that yet, so we will give her time to bring back that contribution for our VSHR, and then we will give her the gift.

That means we are not going to just point out the member 'B' is need improvement but we are not going to just define that but going to work very closely with member 'B' to help that member achieve the goals. The I also mentioned how our 'People Development' and 'Program Development division is working to bring more bigger appreciation program to support, up skill, inspire and recognize their great efforts -

Like I said, Our 'People Development' and 'Program Development division' are working so hard for you and all VSHR members everyday, to design-develop more and more recognition programs and to recognize the great VSHR members. So she is going to recognize soon.

Then the success of that member, who become already recognize and also needs to be achieve the future achievements

I also looking forward you to keep growing your membership though your great motivation, passion and day by day become a leader though VSHR people development

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