What does VSHR think when you are not selected for the contest, scholarship etc?

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Vietnam's Amazing Student contest, Genius Upskill Scholarship program we run to inspire, support and upskill our vietnamese youth in social development. our Selection panel turn down

The scholars who won for Genius Upskill Scholarship program, the 30 teams who are selected for Vietnam's Amazing Student season 2019, they are great. But what do VSHR think about those applicants not won the Genius Upskill program, not got selected for Vietnam's Amazing Student season 2019?

VSHR have seen there are some confusion, sadness, upsetness among those applicants and teams. But though this article VSHR would like to give key message to all those teams and applicants. VSHR loves, cares, and willing to support the team who are not selected for first round, the applicants who did not won Genius Upskill Scholarship program is equally to those won the scholarship, got selected for the first round of Vietnam's Amazing Student. VSHR also felt upset not say 'NO' to those applicants and teams, but VSHR had to do it, to create the momentum among those applicants and teams. So they can see this a measurement and take this opportunity to improve themselves.

Even if your team is not selected for Amazing Student or you did not won the Genius Upskill Scholarship program, VSHR keep the door always open to you. VSHR even also send all the updates about the contest and scholarship to you. Why does VSHR do it? Because even a team is not selected but they can prepare better for next season of Vietnam's Amazing Student or even another contest by seeing those updates. And VSHR is waiting you apply with better preparation next season! Remember - No success is ultimate, no failure is fatal ! So let's start preparing!

VSHR also want to say this again - a team is not chosen for this season does not mean that VSHR does not like that team. VSHR love, care and ready to stand beside any team and always willing support any team who really want to develop a social project. Contact us though our fb page or email us any time!

We clearly understand the social-economic condition of Vietnam. That condition already fried your good mentality and motivation. Do you think VSHR does not know that? VSHR knows, Vietnamese people say -

  • 'Every free thing for student is not good'

  • 'Every contest run by a company, there they do that to collect the idea of the student to solve that company problem! Treat student as product.'

Please remember this part then you will never confuse about VSHR. VSHR is NOT a company. VSHR is a non profit social organization, a spirit and belief, is always there beside you, support you, inspire you so you can be a better person, successful in career and also someone who can help the Vietnamese people. That's why VSHR organize such special contest name - Vietnam's Amazing Student, different type or scholarship program - Genius Upskill program etc.

Though Vietnam's Amazing Student contest, VSHR is here to support you so you can develop your own project. So you can make your project successful, which help you to become successful in career and also your project can help the Vietnamese people. So what VSHR get from it ? VSHR get the happiness to see you become successful, and you could successfully help the Vietnamese people.

VSHR is looking forward you becoming that person, and waiting to give the loudest clap, with great happiness.

We believe, now you understand VSHR more!

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