What Impact Does Negative Workplace Culture Have On Wider Society? | People Empowerment

The relationship between business and employees is changing. People are starting to show an unparalleled suspicion of big business and globalization. There has been a seismic transformation in what people expect from the industry, driving a substantial cultural change in how companies operate.

The recent interest in company culture has mainly focused on employee benefits and business success. Companies with a positive culture have been shown to advance productivity, improve business agility, offer better worker engagement, drive organizational objectives, and enhance results, which link to a clear competitive advantage.

But, workplace culture has a much broader remit than that, with the potential to positively influence local communities. Corporate social obligation, for example, is a growing factor of positive company culture, which has far-reaching effects on the world around us. This blog looks at the impacts of negative workplace culture on broader society. Let's start with a quick recap of negative workplace culture.

The spotlight on negative workplace culture

Many factors can cause poor company culture. It usually occurs because leaders have constructed an environment where communication is lacking, focusing on earnings (not on employees), and hyper-competition, micromanagement, or bullying. Other consequences of negative culture include gossiping, low employee engagement, higher rates of truancy, a lack of empathy, flexibility, and high employee turnover. Toxic cultures contaminate others. When an unhealthy culture causes a business to shut, this has ramifications for other companies in the supply chain.


Poor company culture promotes unethical behavior both inside and out of the workplace. Unethical behavior destroys trust. Disengaged employees also develop a lack of confidence. When this behavior spills into life outside of work, it has implications for the kind of joined community. We are in a significant shortage of people who can understand somebody else's work and condition and see the world through their eyes."

Wellbeing and health costs

Employee health is presumably one of the most concerning elements of toxic company culture. A negative vibe in the workplace can lead to poor mental health consequences. Harassment and competition at work can burn out our physical and emotional well-being and mental health. This affects business productivity, employee relations, family dynamics, and society.


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