What is a Living Brand?

Healthcare brands must communicate who they are in a way that connects with customers and outperforms the competition now more than ever. The only way for a healthcare brand to remain relevant in the digital age is to increase your reach and engagement on social media while remaining relevant to new generations of customers. Building a living brand is the only way to adapt to your audience and desired channels while remaining true to your core values and mission.

What is a living brand?

A living brand provides a consistent brand experience to internal stakeholders as well as audiences. A living brand is the state reached by a brand when the work done within the business or organization is consistent with the ideal or promise that the brand represents so that those who interact with the brand from the outside experience the brand as it was intended. To put it another way, a brand becomes a living brand when the brand's concept becomes a real experience for people. Once your team is living the brand, the products and the service they deliver will become natural expressions of your brand, giving your customers the experience you want them to have.

A living brand is alive: When you build a business, you are not creating something static; rather, you are constantly striving to improve. You are up to date on the latest trends and evolving as times change socially. A living brand system, on the other hand, is intended to anticipate the unknown and the new – with the understanding that the brand itself is free to shift to make the most of that specific application or environment.

A living brand is dynamic: A living brand, like the world around it, is always shifting. They strive for and excel at long-term progress. They remain inspired and share their inspiration with the people and brands around them. This type of company values the information available collaborates with other brands and people on similar missions, and accepts the impact of a political and socio-economic climate.

The core elements to become a living brand:

Values: Living Brands have a strong Brand Value System. It assists them in staying on track when things become difficult. These are the components of a strong brand framework: Backstory, Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values, Messaging, and Identity are all important considerations.

Strength: To run this type of business, you must be strong.

Commitment: To become a living brand, the very top of the business must commit to actively driving the brand framework through every part of the business. Commitment also includes ensuring that you keep reinforcing your brand through regular engaging communications, both with your team and with the market. The goal is to carve out and keep a top spot in their hearts and minds so that customers think of you when they need something or are asked for a recommendation.

Information: Brands that want to change the world use emotion and information to do it. These brands are constantly researching, learning, and educating themselves and others in the face of doubt.

Consistency: The same brand experience must be delivered time and time again. One easy way to achieve consistency and build trust is to have all of your brand touchpoints, such as your website, stationery, and templates, designed as a suite from your identity.

Sustainability: Sustainability applies to all businesses, not just living brands. Businesses must immerse themselves in the flow of everything around them rather than focusing solely on their own objectives. As people become more conscious of the environment and the life around them, they will be attracted to brands that strive for the ideal of sustainability.


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