What is Native Advertising in Healthcare?

Native advertising is many times more engaging than branded ads because they are structured to match the surrounding content, are positioned within the content, and are contextually relevant. Investing in native advertising, in particular, could be exactly what brands need to boost their content initiatives and attract more customers.

What’s Native Advertising in Healthcare?

Native advertising is a creative way for healthcare companies to promote their product and services and connect with HCPs in a natural and non-intrusive way. These ads use contextual, relevant content to entice readers, using a subtle branded element that matches the feel, form, and function of the content they appear alongside. Native healthcare ads need to deliver some value to HCPs; they should take a topic the target audience is interested in and use it to promote how the brand’s product and service can help them.

The role of native ads in healthcare environments

Advertising is critical in promoting awareness of products like prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, as well as in distinguishing particular providers from what some consumers perceive to be a plethora of identical businesses. Patients may have low expectations of the healthcare industry because they identify it with high expenses and poor customer service, as evidenced by the results of the 2018 American Consumer Satisfaction Index. Effective marketing strategies, including native advertising, can help health providers and payers re-calibrate these attitudes and help them succeed in an ever-changing sector. Healthcare might not be one of the most obvious subjects for advertising. Undeniably, it’s a substantial and expanding market, especially after the pandemic. People are becoming increasingly conscious of and invested in healthcare services.

So, how does a good native ad in healthcare look? Let's take a look at this example. Flu is a very seasonal illness, search intent spikes during the peak months. If a pharmacy or clinic sells flu vaccines want to increase their business. These suppliers may broadcast sponsored stories or promote videos giving suggestions for avoiding flu exposure, such as hand cleaning, stopping smoking, and, of course, getting a vaccination, at such times. Such articles can build reader trust by providing relevant and helpful advice without ever coming across as a sales pitch, even if that is ultimately what it does by encouraging more people to visit places where they can get a flu shot. Brands should find ways to create interesting positive stories to engage consumers. Positive native ads are well-positioned to stand out amid the negative stories that frequently dominate many news sites and social media feeds.

Types of Native Ads in Healthcare

Native healthcare ads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to tailor them to your campaign's objectives and target demographic. There are some types as listed below:

In-Feed/In-Content Ads

In-feed or in-content adverts appear in a newsfeed or list of content alongside other items. This form of the native ad will appear as HCPs read through the lists of article summaries, which can be found in content feeds, product feeds, and social feeds.

Content Recommendation Ads

Content recommendation Ads are a form of native advertising in which an ad or paid content link is placed alongside, between, or below editorial content or other sponsored content via a widget, generally at the bottom of an article.

Native/Branded Content

Branded/native content is the same as that of the publisher's website. In most cases, these editorial-style advertising are generated in collaboration with the publisher's content teams.


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