What is successful in life on this 2020?

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How will you define the word “Successful” in 2020? You might said that successful to you is climbing to the peak of the career, having a big beautiful apartment, with the modernest car and million of dollars in the bank account. That’s all true when you look at things with your eyes; however, it is only the heart that can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eyes.

Taking a minute, looking closer to your heart and asking yourself a question: “Will all of the things which I am defined as success brought me happiness?” In 2020, along with the development of human race, the changes of times, the mindset of the new generation has changed. Besides the old definition, the values you can add to the society is considering as a new and important factor for successful. Therefore, I would like to share with you a two simple secret to be happy and success at the same time.

Number 1: How happy you are define how successful you are in your life. If you have a million dollar in the bank account, and a big beautiful house, but you have no one to share and poor health condition, you are not happy which means you are not successful. If you live in a beautiful big apartment, by yourself, you are not happy which means you are not successful.

Number 2: Success is how much value you can give to other people. How much you can do to help people around you, to your mom, your dad, your kids even also your neighbors. That is how thing happen in 2020. Be smart and successful in your own life.

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