What is the Return on Investment (ROI) of Employee Experience?

Nowadays, employee experience plays a fundamental role in the sustainable development of each organization. If you invest in a physical device, it will lose its value in the future; but when you invest in your employees, you will receive more value and profits, because finding ways to keep employees engaged and satisfied in their positions can reduce turnover and motivate employees to do their best work.

What is ROI (Return on Investment)?

When putting money into investments and business activities, ROI helps you understand how much profit or loss your investment has earned. Return on investment is a simple ratio of the net profit (or loss) of an investment divided by its cost. Since it is expressed as a percentage, the effectiveness or profitability of different investment alternatives can be compared.

What is employee experience?

Employee experience (usually referred to as EX) is an emerging business function that focuses on tracking employee thoughts and feelings at every touchpoint in the company's journey. EX has emerged in direct response to similar features like customer experience (or CX).

Due to unprecedented changes in our society, economy and business, it is more important than ever for our employees to experience their work. As these changes become more widespread, we are also witnessing the emergence of all roles and departments responsible for employee experience. We believe it is more important than ever to understand and prioritize the relationship between employee experience, participation and outcomes. Because organizations can get their EX right, achieve twice the customer satisfaction and innovation, and generate higher profits than organizations that don't.

What is the ROI (Return on Investment) of employee experience (EX)?

Most HR executives have accepted the term employee experience (EX), not just the conference room buzzword. This is a true strategic plan that affects the participation score and the highest and lowest business results. However, although HR may recognize this, the executive team may not. When these actions are viewed by superiors as a cost driver rather than a revenue driver, it may be difficult to obtain resources to improve EX.

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