What is VSHR Pro Edux?

VSHR Pro Edux is an Elearning platform designed to help companies and organizations to train their employees. This platform is shaped for any company looking to build the skills of their employees through online courses and encourage them to keep learning and growing personally and professionally.

The new VSHR Pro Edux is for you and your team if:

  1. You have a tight training budget

We all know the importance of training our employees. It is undeniable that employees or teams that get trained regularly have better performance at work. However, not having enough money to execute such training can be a barrier for many organizations. VSHR Pro Edux is here to solve your problem. They offer high-quality and yet affordable training that will help mould your team to the leaders of tomorrow.

2. Easy to use

One of the best features of the VSHR Pro Edex is its efficiency. Employees can do the training anywhere anytime. In today’s modern society, online work or international work is becoming more and more common. But this should not stop people from getting the high-quality training that they deserve. VSHR Pro Edix can get you an industry certificate for their Elearning, and you can also reuse the training content for later use. And since it will be Elearning, people can use it even in the comfort of their homes.

3. Very accessible

VSHR Pro Edux training is offered in various languages, including English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, and French. For this reason, more people can use it, and they will be able to understand it more clearly.


Find out more about us at:

Contact us for support or working with us: Le.tran@health-revolution.org

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Vietnam Social Health Revolution - VSHR Pro Academy

VSHR PRO Academy vision is to reach a day when every Vietnamese professional feels happy, safe at work, gets the necessary support to grow their career in industry and reaches their career success.

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