What is VSHR Pro ManagerX?

Pro ManagerX is a comprehensive online training to help individuals to boost their self-esteem, leadership skills and initiative skills. Pro ManagerX includes things like 10 Tips for Managers to achieve management goals. It also includes critical information on How to Stay Productive working at home, How to turn your meeting into your powerful Management tool, How to use a free extension to boost your work productivity, and How to recruit the right people for your team and increase productivity. But Pro ManagerX is not limited to the topic listed above. After each of the videos, you will build up your improvement and share with the trainer to get advice and consult on your plan to achieve those improvements. Then you will take a quiz to claim your certificate as well.

The following recorded workshops are delivered by a professional who is passionate, knowledgeable, strategic in their field. This is carefully curated to provide high-calibre training to people who want to learn more about those topics. The presenter of the workshop is no other than John Masud Parvez. “John performed Digital and Organizational transformation for Billion USD businesses such as Hoan My Medical Corporation and RMIT University. John is also Founder and President of Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR), which was established around 4 years ago and now has grown to 350 people, running 20 national level initiatives around Vietnam”.

Our goal is to push people to the next level. “When the top leadership at a company inspires everyone on their team to contribute, outperform, and realize their maximum human potential—no matter their title, identity, or experience—it helps that organization become a great place to work for all. That calibre of professional effectiveness is something that Great Place to Work calls “For All Leadership.””

“On the verge of industry revolution and Pandemic the role of each of the leader, executives is more important, needed and essential for the sustain, adoption and success of the present time.”


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Contact us for support or working with us: Le.tran@health-revolution.org

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Vietnam Social Health Revolution - VSHR Pro Academy

VSHR PRO Academy vision is to reach a day when every Vietnamese professional feels happy, safe at work, gets the necessary support to grow their career in industry and reaches their career success.

Source of Quoted Phrases: https://www.health-revolution.org/pro-managerx.html

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