What Makes a Good Leader? 4 Impressive Leadership Qualities

Leadership isn't always about those who have high authority or seniority. A person who works for years doesn't automatically become a good leader. Explore 4 critical qualities of a great leader here in our article.

1/ Humility

Being humble gets you to where you wish. A humble leader is the one who knows deep in their heart that they do not always have the answer to every question. They take effort to learn from others, meaning to exhibit a growth attitude. Moreover, the ability to control one's own ego allows them to recognize and appreciate others as a real leader without being threatened. And when it comes to the containment of ego, you know for sure that humility is the one of these rare qualities that one must learn to portray.

2/ Have faith

The foremost trait a leader must possess is to have faith and confidence in whatever you are doing. A leader cannot expect their members to follow them if they refuse to believe in themselves. Once you have confidence, you will know what step to do next to reach the ultimate goal. With a solid faith in yourself, people will surely be looking up to you, especially when things aren't going right.

3/ Know your people

Knowing your own employees is the crucial thing to be considered as a good leader. Only when you know their strengths, weaknesses, what specific qualities they can offer the team, and what kind of a person they are, will you be able to delegate the tasks for the right people and to treat them as unique individuals. And when employees feel trusted and appreciated, they automatically boost the morale in the workplace, resulting in a more friendly and productive work environment.

4/ Embrace failure

A "It's okay to make mistakes. It's okay that failure happens. I'll try my best to deal with it." mindset does more than just lighten up one's mood. It's a mix of a sense of responsibility and bravery, which is just as important as the other three qualities in determining a good leader. Great leaders, instead of complaining and making excuses, they make progress. They strive for solutions to the problem, try, try, and try until something is fixed. The way they take on responsibility for the failure, not blame others and focus on the solution is what attributes to their leadership qualities.


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