What makes digital marketing so effective?

1. Cost - effectiveness

Marketing is often thought of as an expense-running advertisements costs money no matter what medium you use. Traditional marketing has particularly higher barrier of entry, while platform like Google and Facebook have no minimum barriers for entry.

2. More targeted customer reach

When you pay for advertisements in a physical newspaper, our audience is defined as subscribers to that newspaper. When you get a time slot on TV channel, your audience is people who watch that channel for the show at that specific time. In many cases, with more traditional channels, you lack ability to tailor your messages to specific audiences. For examples, 18-year-olds and 55-year-olds both need to go to grocery for shopping, but do they response to the same advertisements?

Digital marketing channels allow you to target individuals based on age, gender, interests, income level, job title, location and more. And if you don't know which demographic breakdown applies to your business, free analytics tools associated with platforms such as Google and Facebook can show you the exact characteristics of people who follow your page or visit your website.

3. Brand awareness

Through digital marketing mediums, you can potentially reach your audience anytime they check their smartphone or desktop. And if you want a particular product or aspect of your brand to reach a well-defined segment of your audience, you have the ability to do that as well.

4. Lead generation

One of the biggest issues of traditional marketing is that it's very difficult for you to track your performance. Digital ads allow you to attach contact information form on the ad that you run. Contact information form attached has three function:

- It help you to know how many people engaged with the ad in the way you wanted them to.

- It enables you to add them to your email and phone lists.

- It gives you immediate opportunity to qualify the lead. And this immediate response is very important for converting a lead to a sale.

5. Customer engagement and retention

Technology gives business owners endless opportunities to engage with their customers, whether through review management, social media posts or newsletters. Through digital mediums, you can response to customers' negative feedbacks in a public forum, this does not mean you can stop their concerns, but everyone reading the reviews can can see your response as well. And by engaging with customers having positive experience with your company, you can build a loyal community online.

6. Stay connected with customers

Traditional marketing is still effective for getting your message out there to people. But if you want to truly engage with your customers and know what messaging they respond to, nothing is more effective than digital marketing.

Source: Forbes

Infographic: VSHR Digital Media

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