What Matters in Sales?

Nothing is more important in sales than PROSPECTING. Unless you can secure a meeting with your prospect, there's little chance you'll create an opportunity.

Discovery is the most important part of selling. Everyone knows that doing a great job of discovery is how you create an interest in working with you because you are giving your dream client the experience of what it feels like to work with you.

In a world where distinctions and differences are diminishing at an ever-increasing rate, standing out is of the utmost importance. If you can't get rid of "me too" and find "just me," you'll have a hard time winning customers, let alone doing it at a reasonable profit.

What could be more important than your presentation skills? When you are asked to stand in front of the meeting room and present your ideas, the best future state you will be in helping the prospect achieve and answer any questions that come, your presence in This may end the deal.

All will be in vain if you can not fix your dream client's problems. And none of that matters if you don't have the negotiating skills to be able to reach an agreement. These two things must be the most important, otherwise, how can you move forward.

There are human efforts when everything matters. One of them is leadership, where you need vision, intelligence, emotional intelligence, drive, and a willingness to take responsibility for difficult outcomes. Selling is one of those endeavors where everything that matters and goes wrong is magnified


When everything is important, we tend to look for intangibles like the strength of character, courage, sense of humor, resourcefulness, and a desire to grow both personally and professionally.

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