In today’s modern society, a college degree is no longer adequate to secure the job that you want after you graduate. Work experience, in addition to your education, has now become a valuable asset that employers look for. As a result, an in-person or remote internship where students can be exposed to real-world problems has become crucial to help students look for a job in their chosen field. The internship opportunity offered here at Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR) understands this demand more than anyone.

1. You will have a clear career path.

During your time here at VSHR as an intern, you will allow yourself to reflect and evaluate the career path you love and work best for you. As an intern, you will be exposed to various tasks to receive professional and holistic feedback. You will be able to use your skills to make a difference, but you will also get an opportunity to develop skills that will help you land a job. While university/colleges will give you the academic background and information you need to choose a career path, a real experience will provide you with a clearer vision of finding what you are passionate about.

2. You will work on exciting new ideas.

As an intern at VSHR Pro Academy, we can assure you that your voices will be heard. You will be given a chance to expand your creativity and come up with ideas that are new, unique and outside the box. You will work on projects and tasks that are exciting and fulfilling. An internship here will allow you to work with a diverse team, which will allow you to see things from different perspectives. You will have the chance to curate an experience that will benefit you in the future and will make your application stand out.

3. Work is exciting and fun.

As an intern at VSHR Pro Academy, we prioritize your learning, but we also make sure that you are having fun while doing so. Our goal is to make your experience as fun and valuable as possible. Your stay here with us will build your resume and help you find your passion by offering you the opportunity to work on tasks that create an impact in the community. It doesn’t matter if you are doing an in-person or remote internship; you will be allowed to expand your network internationally and work on projects and work with people that will make your internship memorable.

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