Which skill set you need to build to become an entrepreneur? | Ask John Show by VSHR Pro Academy

Hard skills in reasoning, research, and business are too convincing for many young entrepreneurs. Besides, technical software also plays an important role in the process of forming a successful implementation business. This is all in the element of modern life today!

In asking John Show this time, Ms. Khanh Ha will come from fake people or what unique information about a comprehensive business?

"First you need to be a healthy person. Physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. Because if you're not a healthy person at first when you enter the business and when you build startup and all the challenges all the problems just attack you it's gonna break you it's gonna break you for sure!" - Ms. Khanh Ha

A positive attitude always sees the good side of things and can make bad things better, whereas a negative attitude only sees the bad side of things and will make good things worse. worse. A positive attitude is like sunlight, where there is light, there are flowers and plants, so people with a positive attitude will complete all tasks well and easily reach success.

Life is not always a red carpet, only perseverance can help us win. When facing difficulties, you need to be calm, patient, know how to solve difficulties, break through to reach a new peak, try to the end, don't lose yourself. Time always patiently waits for those who try their best and persevere to succeed.

"You need to be really good at connecting to people and building relationships. This is very critical because yourself will never be able to have all the skills, experience and knowledge to build a strong and sustainable business, and you need to connect other people to bring other people into business." - Ms. Khanh Ha

In order for the job to go smoothly, bringing high potential for advancement, it is indispensable for the support from social relationships. Building working relationships not only creates a productive working environment, but also fosters a spirit of positive cooperation. People-to-people connections both help us expand our relationships and are beneficial in a long-term situation of need.

"The last thing this is quite i think cliche because a lot of people know but i would say sale but not just selling a product, but actually selling a vision, selling a solution, selling your beliefs, selling your philosophy" - Ms. Khanh Ha


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