Why 70% professionals don't know how to treat an unemployed person and a guideline

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Linkedin turns in to a great platform for professionals for connecting and also sharing different aspects of careers including employment. In Vietnam Linkedin is growing and that's way I have seen a lot of situations which could be much better and more impactful. The core reason is most of the professtionals does not how to treat someone having an UNEMPLOYED status in their profile. That's why I decided to write on this -When an UNEMPLOYED person sends you a connection request, do these 5 things:

♦️ Accept their connection request. I consider every connection request as an honor even though I am at the limit of allowed connections, and can't accept more.

♦️ Introduce them to a hiring manager or a recruiter in your network. Take a minute, but may change their life. "Helping one person may not change the world, but it will change the world for that one person.

♦️ Help them with their posts - with likes, comments - help them get visibility they need. Do good to others not because who they are, but because who you are.

♦️ Treat EVERYONE with respect, not just those you need to impress.

♦️ Everyone knows someone you do not - networking is key. Please do not say you do not have time - you had time to read this post thus far. Some people only network with those who have director titles. To them I say -

Do not be impressed by titles, number of followers, and positions. Be impressed by humility, kindness and integrity. Remember: You may need help tomorrow, and it could come from someone you reject today. A job seeker today, a hiring manager tomorrow !


John Masud Parvez

Founder and President of VSHR

Group IT Director of Hoan My Medical Corporation

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