Why 90% Companies are failing to create a CULTURE for success ?

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On this era of 2019, sadly a lot of people are not understanding the emotional intelligence (EI). So many CEO or VP are falling short in creating a culture in the company. And people in the company making the life measurable for many other people, by showing inexperience but holding high position, over working time, over expectation, lack of people development plan, LACK of LISTENING, treat people as battery etc. That's sad isn't it? They are killing their own company. Let me tell you why!

Culture is not about free snacks, table tennis board, free coffee, culture is much more bigger than that, and leaderships plays a huge part in creating that though EI, communication. This EI and culture is going to the top of everything for next decade for any company's true success.

Bottom line is if employees don't not like the company, customers are not going to like that company as well.

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