Why did VSHR decide to start Genius Upskill Scholarship program?

Updated: May 13, 2019

There are not many scholarship programs in Vietnam for Vietnamese student but however during a student event interview session we asked John Masud Parvez, Founder and President of Vietnam Social Health Revolution about the reason behind to create the Genius Upskill scholarship program. On this article we will pick the key part of that interview session.

John Masud Parvez was saying-

We were running the research on Vietnamese health eco system from 2013 - 2016. During that period of time, I asked the people how is their patient experience in present health service model as an over all. Then around 80% People they are not happy about the present service model and the people who are working on that model.


Then we asked them back, what things did you do to help them to be better beside complaining about it? The response was a long blank for most 90% time.

90% time long blank silence

That is showing a sad BLANK. That means in Vietnam everyone complain about healthcare service model doctors and other people who are working on that. But they just complain and did not do anything yet.

Our VSHR's one of the core values is - we turn a research to an idea, and then turn that idea to an action. So we decided to come up with something to inspire and upskill the people who work in Vietnamese healthcare model.

We want to transform the people who are working healthcare to social champion

That's why we founded the Genius Upskill Scholarship Program and start giving this scholarship since 2018.

We vision a near future when thousands of people will be graduated from our scholarship program. Those people of the healthcare are more inspired, upskilled and act like champion, so then they will also make improvement in present the healthcare model too.

It will be good for Vietnamese healthcare professionals, for Vietnamese people and Vietnam

So yes, the bottom line is, our non profit social organization VSHR and our VSHR Academy is working with the vision to make the next generation medical professionals for Vietnam.

Highlights of Genius Upskill Program season 2018

  • Total 35 Scholars successfully achieved the awards. Among them 11 scholars also achieved HIGH DISTINCTION Award for their outstanding performance.

  • During the application round, 10% applicants were selected though 3 rounds of selection process for this scholarship program.

  • Among the scholarship winner almost 70% scholars are from University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh.

  • Total duration of the program was 4 months.

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On Season 2019, VSHR will also provide scholarship of 1 B VND value. Wanna get a scholarship to develop amazing skill set, so you can become a social champion and also get ready for future career ? Yes ! Apply now


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