Why GUP is providing Raise a Social Entrepreneur (RASE) Scholarship?

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After running Vietnam's Amazing Student contest for two seasons, we have observed a big truth -

Vietnamese students highly struggle to build a project from the scratch.

So we want to create students who can build new projects, can build from the scratch, we want to empower the students who did not have a project by up-skilling them and enable them to have their own projects. That's why on Genius Upskill Program will offer 4 course on season 2019. The 4th One is RASE - Raise a Social Entrepreneur.

RASE will provide you a team, project brief idea and skill set on -

  • Project management,

  • Engagement,

  • Leadership

And enable each student, end of the 4 months program to have their own project!

And then student can bring that project to Vietnam's Amazing Student 2020 or any other contest to become a CHAMPION! This scholarship is open for all students, with all majors.

Then with that project, students can build up own social enterprise, or social impactful startup !

So what are you waiting for ? Apply for scholarship now here


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