Why should never stop yourself on giving feedback to boss?

If you are already working for 5 + years then I am sure at least 1 time it crossed to your mind to give feedback to your boss. So now the question is -

Can I really give feedback to my boss?

I am sure many people will answer in their way but as me I will like to put on this way

If If your boss is a great boss, he or she will welcome your feedback on their performance if you do it in a respectful way. They’ll listen to you.

In my philosophy a huge part about being a boss is about learning to be a better listener than a speaker. Why? Because the bosses who are doing it, they help out their team by being aware of what’s going on at all times, and part of that means being aware of their team’s perception of them.

Think about it:

  • If you give honest feedback to your boss, and the boss agrees with you, you’ve won points and hopefully the situation will be dealt with.

  • If they don’t, you can have a conversation and they’ll respect you for being honest.

  • If they completely disrespect your feedback, then you know what kind of person you’re working for!

So, with those three points, to me there is no risk in giving feedback to your boss. As long as you keep your cool and are diplomatic about the situation, the three outcomes we outlined above can only end well.

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