Why should you care about Customer Engagement?

Customers don't care how much money you spend on the Marketing plan. They want to feel your company's intention and action towards the audience's needs. Marketing and Sales teams with a customer-centric mindset are more likely to succeed than those focused on product-centric strategy.

What is customer engagement?

Customer engagement can be visualized as an emotional connection between the customer and your brand. You create strategies for highly engaged consumers to care more, buy more, even advocate more, and these perceived touchpoints should be as unique as your business. Interacting with the customers plays a crucial part in preserving your company and positioning your brand in the competitive market share.

Why should you care about customer engagement?

As the commercial world has become crowded, there is overwhelmed focus on clicks, conversion rate, and acquisition costs. However, these acquisitions alone can not sustainably consolidate your company and drive more breakthrough achievements. Many studies show that up to two-thirds of a brand's profit may rely on effective customer engagement. There is no single customer engagement booster, but you can define and clarify your mission as well as solutions that can meet their demand. Don't hesitate to bring more value within your dealings as much as you can for the customers, the value that can no need to count by cost but your empathy and effort.

How to implement your loyal customer program?

Instead of being tempted to create more customers for your product, you should create a good product and excellent services to drive more customers. If you could hold the consumer's heart and mind, even connect incessantly with them, you develop emotional bonding, making customers invest in your brand.

A loyal program is considered like you add value into every engagement involved by your customers. People don't like to miss out on something, so you create a tactical switch barrier by doing that. The consumers will be less likely to purchase for the competitor unless they miss out on the additional value they can earn from your store.

1. Give award points to your customers whenever they make a purchase.

Though adding award points at every order, your company show their appreciation for customer's investment. The consumers have fostered a feeling of reciprocity, likely pulling them back to make another order again.

2. Encourage the customers to connect with your brand on social media

There are many ways to engage with your customers, so you don't need to focus solely on more purchases. Encouraging buyers to follow you on social media platforms, then share your post to get a discount or give away, minigames are also a good idea to keep them engaged over time.

3. Encourage your loyal customer advocate for your brand

Empowering the customers to share your brand with friends or family, advocate for the brand's marketing campaign, or write some reviews to provide more references for your prospects. Brand advocacy is a powerful strategy that can generate dozens of traffic and leads. It also helps your define which customers genuinely care about your brand and are more likely to re-engage in the future.




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