Why teamwork at VSHR Ditigal Media is different?

1. Together to help people:

When we talk about working together, we usually think of group of people working together towards a goal. You could argue that a team worked well when they have reached their goal. However, at VSHR, our first core value is Teamwork: Together to help people. So it is not only about achieving a goal but it is more vital to give a hand. We believe that when you’ve touched someone’s life in a positive way, you feel connected to them. It builds trust, which not only brings them closer to you but also brings you closer to them. Hence, we are always willing to help each other as much as we can, not only in work but also in many others sides in daily life.

2. You will be loved and supported:

Unlike many other companies which have hierarchy between boss and employees, there are no boundaries between supervisors and interns in VSHR. You will be in part of a team builds trust and strong bonds, creating a work environment in which members feel comfortable trying new ways of doing things, asking questions and asking for or offering help when necessary. All the employees, interns can ask anyone if they need help, from co-workers, to managers or even CEO. It’s because every member in VSHR are supportive of one another. It can lead to mutual support which you can be encouraged to work with strengths and talents, developing new ones too. This can help you be motivated and easier to achieve goals you may not have realized that you could reach on your own.

By VSHR Digital Media

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