Why the creation of EVERYDAY 1 New skill and knowledge project?

When VSHR was founded by John Masud Parvez, he realized how challenging actually to run a non profit organization to achieve sustainable development. So in that situation after a struggle for a while he realized that the only way to overcome those challenges is to train our mind and brain.

Then he realized that most people are not achieving their goals, because they are simply not learning enough, not maintaining a habit of learning. If we dont build that habit, we don't learn even though everyone know it’s good. Then we have created our project Everyday 1 Skill and Knowledge to create habit among people to learn one new skill or knowledge everyday. And this habit helps people to achieve their goals. 

Have you ever considered the impact of making 1% effort on a daily basis? The outcome can actually turn out to be something very significant if you have heard about the term of compound-interest.

There’s certainly not much difference between 1 and 1.01. However, if you keep making an effort by just 1% every single day compared to yesterday and you do this day in and day out. Then eventually after just one year, you’ll become 37 times better than yourself right now.

How so? Here’s the math: 1,01^365 = 37,78

Therefore, we have established Everyday 1 new skill and knowledge project to inspire YOU (professionals, entrepreneurs and young people) to keep learning 1 new skill or knowledge everyday, so YOU can always move forward toward the success in their journey, and become a better version of YOURSELF everyday.

Everyday 1 new skill and knowledge is a YouTube channel that was established to help you keep a steady pace of continuous learning. Our focus content are: Entrepreneurship, Professional and Career Development Skills, Leadership, Staying happy and passionate, Digital transformation. Last but not least, there’s a special show of asking our Founder for your particular burning questions.

In the current workforce today, every organization wants to recruit a person with the innovative and ownership mindset of a business owner. As colleagues, everybody wants to work with a person who not only has strong self-leadership skills but also can maintain their own state of happiness and enthusiasm and contribute positive impacts for the team. Finally, the world definitely needs more heroes who would go down a non-existing road and conquer revolutionary solutions for supporting our lives. Those are the Entrepreneurs. Joining our channel, you’ll be able to develop and switch between all those areas, build up the skill sets you need and live up to your fullest potential.

So let's subscribe and turn on your notification, and from today you will be receiving a skill video of one new skill everyday to boost your learning journey. 

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