Why you should join a non profit - Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR)

Our world has many problems, challenges. Disease, calamity, hunger, poverty, ignorance etc are all HUGE MONSTERS, killing us, humanity. United Nations has defined a blue print of 17 Stainable Development Goals (SDG) for solving all the humanity problems by 2030.

After 4 years of research we have created our own FIGHTER - Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR) , to flight IGNORANCE, DISEASES by following the United nations Blue prints SDG 3 (Health and Wellness), 4 (Quality Health for Everyone) and 17 ( Partnership for Goals).

Yes, when we establish the organization on May 2017, we started with the research background. But since them we never stopped, every possible days, every weekend we put our best efforts to grow our strengths to flight the DISEASE and IGNORANCE.

Some people may think we are crazy to become a social worker even though we all do a busy full time job for our career. We put our promise and commitment to ourselves that we are not going to stop until we make Vietnam Successful on those two SDG Goals.


➡️So you can also able to HELP people

➡️And Get HAPPINESS and Amazing SKILLSET in return for your care, life success.

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It's not a dream but it's our 'Vision'. ​It's not a hope but it's our 'Belief'. VSHR is working to Vietnam Successful on United Nations SDG Goals 3(Health & Wellness), 4 (Quality Education) and 17 (Partnership for goals).

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➡️Get and sign up with our Career mentoring webinar series https://www.health-revolution.org/pro-academy.html

➡️Apply for our Social project Development and Incubator contest www.amazingstudent.org

➡️Apply for the International internship program - Impact Shapers https://www.health-revolution.org/impact-shapers.html

➡️Apply for the IT and Digital Transformation Internship program - IT Shapers https://www.health-revolution.org/it-shapers.html

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➡️Please read our positive impacts : www.lifeimpacts.org

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