Worry about outdated solution? Training 4.0 is the up-to-date digital program for you!

With the need to have digital knowledge becoming a standard skill among employees, as CEO/HR managers, you question the validity of applying the digital solution to your people as they seemingly cannot quickly adapt to the rapid change of the technology. With training 4.0, we are pleased to help fix that pain point.

About training 4.0, the programs provide the learner with the skillset that is essential yet practical in the digital era, in terms of:

  • Customer Experience Management (CX 4.0)

  • Leadership Training (Leadership 4.0)

  • Sales Training (Salesforce 4.0)

  • Digital Marketing Training (DM.40)

  • Digital Business Strategy

  • IT Leadership and strategy

  • Recruitment and Employer Branding

  • Digital Transformation (DX 4.0)

  • Digital Workspace

  • Manager 4.0

  • Employ Experience (EX 4.0)

  • Strategic Thinking and Communication

  • Recruitment and Interview Skill 4.0

  • Business Writing

Through training 4.0, VSHR equips an incalculable yet practical kit to participants. However, unlike other programs in the market covering skills that are not up-to-date and no longer helpful in some specified field. Therefore, the participant will waste not just time and capital, but the effort spent to pass such programs, which the workforce may end up getting a massive update in the near future and learned skills become irrelevant.

Understanding the ask for an appropriate solution, Training 4.0 covers broad digital skills that cover just what employees need to succeed in the digital era. Additionally, all information covered through the solution will be updated annually to keep the skill set up to date. With the continuous update, employees will find the solution familiar to their daily work and projects in insights and working styles.

Stay tuned for VSHR further updates about our training 4.0 as to how we get the content to be up-to-day and deliver that to our client.: Click here.

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