YOU ALL WILL GROW UP and you will make it happen!

21st April 2019, was the graduation day of VSHR Academy's Genius Upskill Program. Through this graduation total 35 scholars were graduated for season 2018. The purpose of VSHR Academy is to create social champion to help the Vietnamese people.

John Masud Parvez chancellor of VSHR Social Academy mentioned on his closing speech about the future guideline for the academy social champions and the values they should be living for! We would like to share with you the key parts of that closing speech -

At the first part of the closing speech, John mentioned one more time about the purpose and the vision of creating a social academy

Our organization has 4 years of research and 2 years on the full functional. We reached, supported thousands of Vietnamese peoples.
But do we call ourselves successful? No we don't, because we want to support millions of Vietnamese people. We believe with all of our heart and brain that, Vietnam can be successful to achieve United Nations SDG - 3. Health 4. Education. If that happen, the Low income Vietnamese people will have a better life. That's what we care about.

Then John mentioned about the values the scholars should be living their future to do right things and give back to the community. And how scholars can be part of VSHR and drive the Sustainable development moving forward for Vietnamese people -

"You are the first, the first spark for a huge light of hope and belief. You are ,who are going to be part of the the medical community, or non medical community to make it better. You are young, you have energy. We VSHR are working on to solve problems with our solutions, using present available technology to best use with them."

"But as you are the young, you can bring more new things, more spirit, new technology to our organization, and make it take moving forward."

"So we welcome you, with a big bug to join us, become part of our project, GUP, and share what you have learn back to the next batch of scholars for 2019 season."

Then John also mentioned how sharing own skill can really help someone to develop themselves -

"You are young and the best way to develop yourself when you share your knowledge other, and that will make you better, more experience. And that's exactly opportunity we want to give to you!"

At the last part of his closing speech John expressed his belief on scholars and the Vietnamese youth by saying -

Our Vietnamese health eco system has millions of things to improve and achieve. But I am confident the future is bright. Because of one reason, and the one reason is, YOU ALL WILL GROW UP and you will make it happen!

Highlights of Genius Upskill Program season 2018

  • Total 35 Scholars successfully achieved the awards. Among them 11 scholars also achieved HIGH DISTINCTION Award for their outstanding performance.

  • During the application round, 10% applicants were selected though 3 rounds of selection process for this scholarship program.

  • Among the scholarship winner almost 70% scholars are from University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh.

  • Total duration of the program was 4 months.

To know more about our social academy, please visit

On Season 2019, VSHR will also provide scholarship of 1 B VND value. Wanna get a scholarship to develop amazing skillset, so you can become a social champion and also get ready for future career ? Yes ! Apply now

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