Your excuse or Your victory?

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The true power and true victory is when you can SMASH DOWN your excuse to do things.

You can always make excuse by your time, busy, tired, job so many things. I dont judge that but I UNDERSTAND that.
That's why I am saying - true victory of yourself when you can knock down those excuses and do what need to be done as a human being.

And one of the thing every human MUST DO in their life is to give back to the community, help people around them, and make their life full of positive impactful. True victory and success in life seats on that !

Check this video, I am sure you dont dare to excuse yourself again after watching this man !

See you soon in VSHR Office, we are on a mission to make Vietnam successful to achieve SDG 3(health), 4(Education) and 17(Partnership for goals) !!

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