Your middle manager need to be trained and we have it covered - Training 4.0

Studies claim that CEOs may overrate their influence on business success, CFO even contributes less, and no, CMOs were absent from the analysis. However, when cost-cutting happens, middle managers are usually the first name to be written-off the employee list. However, reducing this threshold level of the management layer can be unwise to the association.

Needless to say, training for middle managers is most of the time essential. However, it's unlikely that they are the first ones to call the shot and ask their bottom-end manager to have training for them.

But, you, the manager, reading this, must be surprised by how much your employee can improve by training that finds and fixes their pain points.


With Training 4.0, the programs provide the company with a practical yet handful solution for your middle manager:

  • Customer Experience Management (CX 4.0)

  • Leadership Training (Leadership 4.0)

  • Sales Training (Salesforce 4.0)

  • Digital Marketing Training (DM.40)

  • Digital Business Strategy

  • IT Leadership and strategy

  • Recruitment and Employer Branding

  • Digital Transformation (DX 4.0)

  • Digital Workspace

  • Manager 4.0

  • Employ Experience (EX 4.0)

  • Strategic Thinking and Communication

  • Recruitment and Interview Skill 4.0

  • Business Writing

Stay tuned for VSHR further updates about our training 4.0 as to how we can help for your middle-manager:

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