Your organization's Success depends on SCALE and Digital Technology Utilization on 2019 era

On this present era the SCALE and utilization of Digital Technology (DT) defines everything. I Was speaking to HIMSS ASIA PAC 2019, Bangkok convention center, Thailand. 

Every organization or company or Corporation's success stands on how SCALE-ABLE is their product, services etc. Because that's how they can provide a consistent quality, cost and turn around time. There are different kinds of scale exists. Let me give you a bit more hand grip on this, 

  • One type is: You have a product, you produce more number of your product and you sell that to more customers. I call it simple scale expansion. 

  • Another type Is: You have a product, you produce more and sale that to more areas or go global market. I call it radius scale expansion. 

  • Another type is: You have a product and you sell that same product thousands of customer over and over. And you focus to grain revenue to improve your that product. I call it MULTIPLY scale expansion. One typical example is - Facebook Workplace, they have a product and they sell that over and over again to thousands of customer. You maybe thinking it's just possible for tech product actually it can be implemented in a even a traditional business too by just being creative, let's pick up a example -  There was taxi service, but now you have a car, and you keep giving the service to different customer over and over  again by using the same car. 

Now the question is -

How do we do that?

If you notice that the core of every scale on this era is the creative utilization of Digital Technology (DT). Even 5 - 10 years ago it was so hard to even imagine, but now we have a great weapon named Digital Technology (DT). The right utilization of this DT can help the organization achieve the scale.

Please noticed I used the word "RIGHT" it's key and to make that happen in an organization requires a right mindset CEO and a CAPABLE CIO. 

Why CEO?

The right mindset CEO is needed because then the CEO will find the right people, include to the core team, empower them and then willing to invest on such vision, technologies, product etc.

Why Capable CIO?

A 'capable' CIO is also required on this as then the CIO will ensure the organization DATA is protected and not being given to it's tech partner for granted.  As DATA is the new currency of 2019, if any organization missing that, someone else will get that for granted. Unfortunately a large % of organization does not have this capability and that's why their this Currency is just give away for FREE or in really under priced to others (competitors, partner, tech vendor, companies etc) to make those others millionaires, billionaires. I would not mention the names of such companies, but if you look around, you will see hundreds of them around you.


John Masud Parvez

CIO and Social Innovator

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